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Ronaldo was diagnosed with the new crown virus in the Portuguese national team, which caused a lot of attention and discussion. The Portuguese coach Fernando Santos revealed more details in an interview with the media: "C Ronaldo was already in isolation last night. This happened after he tested positive for the second time. He stayed in the room and told me that he Wants to play. He is in good condition, there is no problem, just don’t know what happened.”

罗纳尔多在葡萄牙国家队中被诊断出患有新的冠状病毒,引起了很多关注和讨论。葡萄牙教练费尔南多·桑托斯(Fernando Santos)在接受媒体采访时透露了更多细节:“罗纳尔多(C罗纳尔多)昨晚已经处于孤立状态。这是在他第二次测试呈阳性之后。他待在房间里告诉我他想参加比赛。他身体状况良好,没有问题,只是不知道发生了什么。”

Santos himself is also puzzled by the several new crown cases that have appeared in the Five Shields team. Before Cristiano Ronaldo, Fonte and Lopez had been diagnosed, but Portugal’s recent trip to the European League was strictly in accordance with the epidemic prevention regulations: We have done 7 tests, and we have to test once a day. We took the bus to France, and then never left the hotel, then went back to Portugal. The team strictly followed the rules, but unfortunately it was not enough. ."

桑托斯本人也对“五盾”团队中出现的几个新的王冠案件感到困惑。在克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)之前,冯特(Fonte)和洛佩兹(Lopez)得到了诊断,但是葡萄牙最近去欧洲联盟旅行完全是按照防疫规定进行的:我们已经进行了7次测试,每天必须进行一次测试。我们乘公共汽车去了法国,然后再没有离开酒店,然后又回到了葡萄牙。团队严格遵守规则,但遗憾的是还不够。 。”

It is not known where Ronaldo was infected with the new coronavirus, and it is very likely that it will not be clear in the future. In the first 5 tests arranged by the Portuguese national team, his results were negative, so people tend to think that Ronaldo is the newly infected crown. But in fact, there is also a possibility that the virus has entangled him earlier, and it does not rule out that he contracted the virus during his stay in Italy.


When Ronaldo left Juventus for the national team to report, the two Bianconeri staff had been diagnosed. At that time, the club had asked the whole team to be quarantined at J Hotel. They were not allowed to leave without permission from the Turin health department. However, several national team members in the team did not follow the rules and proceeded according to their respective schedules, including Ronaldo, and he also clearly expressed dissatisfaction with Juventus's isolation regulations. Italy has stricter isolation requirements for COVID-19 positive patients, and although there are restrictions on close contacts, there are no compulsory measures. If the regulations of the health department are violated, a fine is basically imposed. This is for players with high annual salaries. It's not a problem either.


The previous test results of the Portugal international were negative for many times. It may also be because the test reagents used did not give accurate results, which led to a misjudgment. Before the match against the French team or earlier, there was no virus in the body of Portugal, which is actually difficult to determine. The “false negative” or “false positive” situation is not a single case. Italy international Al Salavi tested positive for the new crown on October 12, but because of the low viral load, it is considered that there is a possibility of “false positive” In the second test, the result indeed became negative, causing the Azzurri to make a false alarm.

葡萄牙国际杯的先前测试结果多次为阴性。也可能是因为所使用的测试试剂未提供准确的结果,从而导致了错误判断。在与法国队或更早的比赛之前,葡萄牙的体内没有病毒,这实际上很难确定。 “假阴性”或“假阳性”的情况并非单例。意大利国际选手萨拉维(Al Salavi)于10月12日对新皇冠进行了阳​​性测试,但由于病毒载量低,因此认为“假阳性”可能性很大。在第二次测试中,结果确实变为阴性,导致阿祖里发出错误的警报。

Because of the possibility of inaccurate test results, it also makes it more difficult to trace the path of infection of the Portuguese. Moreover, at the moment of the second outbreak of the epidemic in major European countries, various national teams shuttled back and forth in order to participate in the European League. Various countries make it extremely difficult to trace the source of infection, and it is almost impossible to provide any help for prevention and control. Just after the news of Ronaldo’s diagnosis was announced, Juventus U23 coach Zauri was also confirmed to be infected with the new crown virus, and the entire U23 was subsequently arranged for isolation.


After being diagnosed with the new crown, Ronaldo needs to be isolated in Portugal for at least this weekend. By then, the five major leagues have resumed. When he can return to Turin, he must be judged based on the subsequent test results. According to current regulations, if Ronaldo wants to enter Italy, he needs to undergo another test no earlier than 5 days before departure. And get a negative result before you can arrange the return trip. The Bianconeri will usher in an intensive schedule next, and the top star will definitely miss out in the early stage, which is a troublesome matter. What is certain is that the Portuguese will certainly not be able to catch up with Crotone's league and the Champions League with Dynamo Kyiv.

在被诊断出拥有新王冠之后,罗纳尔多至少需要在本周末在葡萄牙被隔离。届时,五个大联盟已经恢复。当他可以返回都灵时,必须根据随后的测试结果进行判断。根据现行规定,如果罗纳尔多想进入意大利,则需要在出发前5天进行另一项测试。并且得到负面结果,然后您才能安排回程。 Bianconeri接下来将迎来密集的赛程,而顶级球星肯定会在早期缺席,这是一件麻烦的事。可以肯定的是,葡萄牙人肯定将无法赶上克罗托内的联赛和基辅迪纳摩的冠军联赛。

There is also a huge question. Can he make his comeback in time for the main event of the Champions League with Barcelona in half a month? This also involves UEFA's requirements for the review of qualifications for the European war. UEFA issued a draft of the "Return to the Game" on August 5, stating that players who have tested positive for the new crown need to submit their negative certificates 7 days before the start of the next European Championship. The trial committee of UEFA. This also means that to play the game on October 28, Juventus 7 must submit the negative test report to UEFA before October 21. There is only one week left. If he wants to play this game, he has to Race against time.


As for Cristiano Ronaldo’s own health, fans don’t need to worry too much. He is asymptomatic, like most players who have been infected with the virus. Portugal is one of the European countries with relatively good epidemic control. He stays in his home country to recuperate. In fact, it is somewhat safer than staying in Italy. For professional players with excellent physical fitness, the main problem after the diagnosis is how long they can turn negative and return to normal work and life.


Juventus captain Chiellini contacted the Portuguese as soon as he got the news, when Ronaldo was basking in the sun. Today, Italy has nearly 6,000 new diagnoses in a single day. The Italian central defender is also mentally prepared for the current situation: "The recent increase in epidemic data is not surprising, but for economic and social reasons, we cannot stop. Continue. In the next few weeks, we can only be more careful, but we still have to move forward anyway."


However, a cruel reality lies ahead. Although European countries are insisting on playing football matches under the epidemic, they cannot prevent the impact of the new crown virus on clubs. It may not be normal for a team like Genoa to have a large-scale infection that severely impairs the team's combat effectiveness. However, any confirmed case of a team that causes attrition of non-competitive factors will make the quality of the game incomplete. According to the current development of the epidemic, looking at the five major leagues alone, three countries have a single day increase of more than five digits or hovering above this baseline. Germany, the relatively mildest epidemic, has a single day increase of more than 4,500. Cristiano Ronaldo will not be the last player to be infected with the virus, and even the entire European football world does not know when it will be able to completely get rid of the shadow of the virus. Does the imperfect football presented in this context really make all parties feel at ease?

然而,残酷的现实摆在面前。尽管欧洲国家坚持在这种流行病中参加足球比赛,但它们无法阻止新的冠状病毒对俱乐部的影响。对于像热那亚这样的团队来说,大规模感染严重削弱了团队的战斗力,这可能是不正常的。但是,任何确认的团队案例导致非竞争性因素的减少,都会使比赛质量不完整。根据该流行病的当前发展情况,仅看五个主要联赛,三个国家的单日增长率就超过了五位数或徘徊在该基准之上。德国是最温和的流行病,单日增加量超过4,500。克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)并不是最后一个被该病毒感染的球员,甚至整个欧洲足球界也不知道何时才能完全摆脱该病毒的阴影。在这种情况下出现的不完美足球真的会让各方感到放心吗?

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